animation & video

Video and animation have the great ability of remaining impressed in the minds of those who watch them: this is what makes them a very powerful means of communication.

The use thereof is constantly increasing, online but also in business areas and in sales points.

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Corporate video production

We specialise in the realization of high definition videos that can be used both in online channels such as websites and social networks, and shown in the sales points, receptions or during fairs and events.

We take care of the entire video project: from writing the script to the choice of set, and post production phase. Each element has been studied in order to capture the attention, highlight the strengths and leave a mark in those who watch.

Motion Graphic

Our motion graphic team is specialised in the creation of 3D video animation able to highlight the strengths of your brand. From motion graphic with 2D elements to 3D elements: there are no technological limits to what we can achieve for your company.